VGAN has partnered up with skateboard legend Tony Hawk and his incredible initiative, The Skatepark Project. Through this collab we are aiming to inspire, and make a real positive difference.

VGAN founder and CEO Thomas Kraft with Tony Hawk in San Diego

Tony Hawk & The Skatepark Project
Tony Hawk is not just a name; he's a pioneer in skateboarding, and his work through The Skatepark Project has been life-changing for communities, helping to build skateparks in areas where kids need them most.

Partnering with Tony and his project feels like a perfect match for us at VGAN. Both Tony and The Skatepark Project aligns with our values and ambitions as being a positive force in the world, if not the universe.

Tony Hawk Salty Almond Chocolate – The Good Stuff
To celebrate this collaboration, we're launching the Tony Hawk Salty Almond Chocolate. It's a vegan delight, blending rich creamy chocolate with the crunch of salty almonds, perfect for any session or chill moment. And here's the cool part: proceeds from this chocolate support The Skatepark Project, helping to spread the accessibility of skateboarding.

"My favorite sweet snack as a kid was milk chocolate with almonds, but I was always looking for a better option than what was available. Little did I know that I would eventually be able to help develop the exact recipe that I was searching for all of those years. This is the good stuff. "

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk VGAN Salty Almonds


The Skatepark Project
Prompted by thousands of emails from parents and children lacking a safe, legal place to skate, Tony Hawk launched a nonprofit in 2002, initially named the Tony Hawk Foundation, and later rebranded as The Skatepark Project in 2020.

Grassroot support
The organization's goal is to assist underserved communities in building public skateparks, fostering exercise, self-esteem, and a sense of community among young skaters. With a personal financial contribution and a board of diverse experts, Hawk's initiative emphasizes community involvement and grassroots support in its projects.

Skateistan – International Efforts
The Skatepark Project has since become instrumental in guiding cities through the skatepark creation process, ensuring these parks are well-designed and beneficial to the community.

The organization, which also supports international efforts like Skateistan, has awarded over $10 million in grants to more than 600 skatepark projects across all 50 states and contributed $150,000 to Skateistan's programs.

tony hawk vgan chocolate

Build Cameraderie
These skateparks, numbering 575 to date, receive over 6 million visits yearly, providing a vital space for youth to engage in physical activity and build camaraderie.

As the only national organization focused on funding and developing free, public skateparks, The Skatepark Project remains committed to helping communities create spaces where young people can not only practice skateboarding but also learn valuable life skills such as leadership and perseverance, reflecting Hawk's own experiences with the sport.

tony hawk vgan chocolate

Skate, Enjoy, and Support
We invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Whether you're hitting the skatepark or enjoying our Salty Almond Chocolate, you're supporting a great cause.

More to come
Keep an eye out for more from us, Tony Hawk, and The Skatepark Project. We're just getting started, and there's plenty of action ahead.

Let's make it happen!


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