VGAN Chocolate Sweetens the Norway and California Business Festival

VGAN Chocolate Sweetens the Norway and California Business Festival

The festival aimed to foster business cooperation between Norway and California, with a special focus on green transition and digitalization. Among the notable attendees was Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, who emphasized the global importance of innovative ecosystems like the Bay Area.  

All photo by Tom Hansen/Innovation Norway


VGAN Chocolate, thrilled to be invited to the event, sent Founder and CEO, Thomas Kraft out west, with a portable booth and heaps of chocolate. Joining him was our partner and Michelin-starred chef, Christopher Haatuft. Together, they showcased the versatility and rich flavor profile of VGAN Chocolate both as bars and as served in a gourmet setting – through tastings, and delicious dessert.

thomas kraft vgan usa


The festival was part of a larger initiative led by Crown Prince Haakon to strengthen ties between the startup and venture communities in Oslo/Norway and the Bay Area. This initiative saw participation from 500 companies and was organized by Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. It aimed to showcase the potential of Norwegian companies in the US market, emphasizing collaboration and innovation.

vgan san fransisco

The delegation, which included Norwegian ministers Jan Christian Vestre and Karianne Tung, engaged in insightful and enthusiastic discussions with savvy entrepreneurs and visionary investors. The potential for Norwegian companies to thrive in the US market became evident.

As we continue to grow, events like these underscore our role in nudging our industry towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Stay tuned for more updates as VGAN Chocolate continues to innovate and inspire.


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