VGAN is proud to announce our partnership with the international animal protection organization Mercy For Animals.

Mercy For Animals was founded in 1999 by Milo Runkle. Their mission is to “prevent cruelty to farmed animals and promote compassionate food choices and policies.”

MFA has conducted numerous investigations of factory farms and slaughterhouses, many of which have resulted in animal cruelty convictions, changes in corporate animal welfare policies, and primetime media coverage. The organization has guided many of the world’s largest food companies, including Nestlé, Perdue, and Walmart, in adopting animal welfare policies.

Mercy For Animals believes that a world without industrial animal agriculture is possible – if we work together to create it. They envision a world in which humans nourish ourselves with food that is kind to animals and sustainable for the planet, and all who share it. Mercy For Animals is working for a world in which eating is an act of compassion, in which no one is exploited or forced to exploit another.

At VGAN we support the three core approaches that MFA are focusing on

  • Making alternatives to animal-based meat, eggs, and dairy as attractive and accessible as possible.
  • Making animal products less competitive and less attractive to consumers, food producers, and policymakers.
  • Reducing suffering for the animals in our current food system for as long as it exists.

In the next three years, Mercy For Animals will make more headway to end industrial animal agriculture and construct a just and sustainable global food system.

At VGAN we are proud to participate in this movement with a small step in the right direction – by offering an alternative to dairy based chocolate. Our team wil be present at this years Mercy For Animals Gala in LA.

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